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New soap alert: Winter Morning

This little beaut was my first loaf style soap.

Oatmeal and Shea butter blended with cinnamon, vanilla and golden syrup (trust me!). Remind me of cold winter mornings when you need sweet and spicy porridge to warm you up!

I only have ten of these at the moment so grab them while you can!


Hello! *waves*

As my first blog post I should probably tell you what Novaa Star Crafts is.

If you haven’t seen my instagram or Etsy page, Novaa Star Crafts is a small, home run business making vegan and cruelty free soaps.

I started this enterprise in March 2018 by making mothers day gifts, and found that it was really fun. Not only did it get me up and moving, but it let me be creative which is something I adore.

I’m always working to improve on what I do, which is why our packaging can be recycled and is as eco-friendly as I can make it; all while making sure I keep down costs for my customers.

All my ingredients are world friendly. By that I mean they are a natural as I can find, vegan, and come from sustainable sources. Nothing I make or use has been tested on animals so these are completely cruelty free products, which is great news for the animal kingdom.

So, head over to instagram (@Novaa_Star) and say hello, or Etsy (NovaaStarCrafts) to browse my current product line.

You can even drop me a line on here, and don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll be sending out discount codes, product news, sale dates and more!

Thanks for reading,

Kim x